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Earth Science

Life Science

Physical Science


Course Description – Study of life, earth, and physical sciences (see table below) according NC Curriculum Standards.  This course is reading intensive; an EOG will be administered at the end of the year.  Not only will students be tested on textbook material, but also the NC Standards for 8th Grade Science.   Research is necessary.

Earth Science Course Topics : (1) Earth Systems, Structures, and Processes and (2) Earth's History

Life Science Course Topics: (1) Structures and Functions of Living Organisms, (2) Ecosystems, (3) Evolution and Genetics, (4) Molecular Biology

Physical Science Course Topics: (1) Matter: Properties and Change and (2) Energy: Conservation and Transfer

How to be Successful - Memorize and master terms, concepts, formulas, processes, the periodic table, etc.  Answer questions correctly and explain what you have learned verbally; participation is very important.  Read and study the material the day before instruction, as teaching will be student-centered. 

Materials – Textbook and NC Standards. 

AssessmentYour child will receive a grade based on attendance, participation, quizzes, projects and tests.

Grading Scale

Report Card Grading

A - 90-100%   B-80-89% C- 70-77% D- 60-69% F - Below 60

8th Science

EOG Review

Which best explains why all of the Earth’s freshwater is not available for human use?  

a.  Most of Earth’s freshwater is only in lakes. 

b.  Most of Earth’s freshwater is underground. 

c.  Most of Earth’s freshwater is still in the water cycle. 

d. Most of Earth’s freshwater is frozen water.

Which disease is caused by a fungal infection?

Which is a compound?

a. sodium

b. sugar

c. nitrogen

d. air