4th Grade - Arabic

Sister Salwa

Sister Nahed

Assistant to Sister Salwa

About me...

My name is Salwa Zarrouk.  I teach Arabic and tafsir.  I graduated from the school of pharmacy in Alexandria, Egypt, and I attend classes for tasir al quran.

Also, I am certified nooraniah. I got my certificate from Al Furqan group in Saudi Arabia. 

I always relate the meaning of the ayat with science and math, and the beauty of the Quran, when you read it and understand it. 

I teach 4th,. 5th , 6th , 7th, and 8th grade.

This coming year is my third-year teaching in GIA.  I taught Quran,  Arabic and  and Islamic studies in Al Madina School of Richmond, Virginia, for 6 years. 

I look forward to seeing you.

Classroom Rules



I Love the Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers - Series

I Love the Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers has 6 levels. The series aims to use the best strategies to teach Arabic to children to have the following competencies: 


1- Linguistic competencies: 

A-the ability to

B- The 3 linguistic elements


2- Cultural competence- The presentation of Arab culture in an attractive and interesting way for the child using classical Arabic language.

*** Students will be assessed at the beginning of the year to determine their starting level.