EOG Testing - May 20-24

Graduation - Thursday, May 30

K-10:00, 5th - 12:00, 8th - 3:00

Greensboro Islamic Academy

Principal Kathy Herrington

900 Sixteenth Street, Greensboro, NC  27405

contact us at -- kjbherrington@gmail.com

(336) 285-7766 


Monday - Thursday, 7:45 to 3:00

Friday - 2:00 Jumu'ah 

GIA Fun Day

Wednesday - May 29 - Last Day of School

Dress Code

Please make sure that your child wears the appropriate clothing for his/her grade.

Click this link for school dress code.

Breakfast Schedule

7:15 - 7:45

Grades K-2 - Cafeteria

Grades 3-8 - Classroom

All meals are bagged. 

Cafeteria closes at 7:45.

Lunch Schedule

11:00 to 12:00 Grades K-2

11:30 - 12:30 Grades 3 -5

12:00 to 1:00 Grades 6-8

All lunches are free this year.  

Take a look at our school!

Front Entrance to School

Bus Drop off and Pickup

Car Drivers - Load and Unloading

School Play Area

School Auditorium

Greensboro Islamic Academy (GIA) is a full time Islamic school covering K-8th grade. GIA meets and exceeds all accreditation standards and is registered with the State of North Carolina (Guilford County School).

Greensboro Islamic Academy was established in 2003 by members of the ICG and Piedmont Triad Muslim community. With a small staff and one principal it was the first full time school to provide Islamic education to an ever-growing community of Muslims in the Triad area of North Carolina covering Greensboro, Winston Salem, Highpoint and the surrounding areas.

GIA is located in accessible area of Greensboro for all our participants. We are a very diverse Muslim community of learners, representing many nationalities. Serving our students are: 17 North Carolina certified teachers that are dedicated to aiding our children’s education in becoming successful.

Our student parents and community involvement is a very beneficial key to our ongoing education success. Parents work diligently to not only help their children(s) development, but they also take ownership in assuring that the needs of all children are being met. Our community have given generously their time, money and assistance to overcome the obstacles in establishing and maintaining a full time school. With the help of our parents and community contributors and supporters GIA has propelled itself to a fully functioning thriving entity in the community.

With the Grace for Allah, Greensboro Islamic Academy has made tremendous progress since it’s begins in 2003. Within GIA’s nurturing educational environment its students this year have surpassed the national average in standardized testing and have succeeded in developing strong Muslim identities: that will help make them a role model to society.

Our mission is to create an Islamic educational environment for Muslim youth where teachings of the Quran and Sunnah serve as a guide for academic and spiritual excellence to prepare students for the challenges of this life and the hereafter (In sha Allah). 

Monday - Friday

Place: Auditorium

Cost: $25